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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on www.24Taunsa.com

Vibhuti shuts malkhan for talking rubbish and says that it is not so easy to such difficult stunts and he should try once sit on a motorbike and jump in the death well. Tiwari comes at the stall asks how are you boys ? He then asks how is your circus going? Malkhan replies it is not earning much money. Tiwari then advices Vibhuti to leave this job na dog home as it is risky if he gets injured during performing stunts he will be ridden and Anita bhabhi would be burdened for taking care of you she won’t look after you for longer time and will kick you out of house so better go home and sit. Vibhuti asks if he does so who will earn money and how will he take care of himself. Tiwari replies he need not worry and he will take care of him. Listening to this Tilu says that sir if u have

so much money y can’t u give me salary. Vibhuti thinks inhis mind that he completely understands why Tiwari wants him to leave the job as until I m working he is in risk to shave his head off.

Doctor is at Anguris place to check Amaji as she is not feeling well. He is dozing who,e checking Amaji pulse, amaji wakes him up and asks him did he understood what is wrong and why she is feeling unwell. Doctor tells her that she is physically fine and so needs to visit a tantrik baba. Amaji then says to Anguri the she understood now everything that y she is not feeling well, Anguri asks y? Amaji tells her that this is because of the prayers you did for Vibhuti and you did not complete the process you have to shave off Tiwaris head and give those hairs to that lakdanand baba. Anguri then swears that she won’t let Amaji happen anything and she will get hold of Tiwari and shave his head off.

Tiwari visits Anita’s home and starts singing sing for her, Anita assumes that it’s Vibhuti and starts singing too, she then holds Tiwaris hand and after that tiwarigets so much happy that he faints. Anita sees it and she is back into reality that it is not Vibhuti but Tiwari, she wakes up Tiwari and ask him y does he faints always. Anita then thanks Tiwari for this hair style it reminded her of her and vibhutis college days she loved vibhutis this type of hairstyle she sometime even feels like if she could see Vibhuti again in this hair style she would hug him tightly. Tiwari replies y not hug me and Anita asks what did he said just she could not hear him Tiwari says nothing I said nothing. Tiwari in his mind says that bhabhiji you just see now how I make you go crazy for this hairstyle of mine.

Vibhuti comes to meet Anguri she asks him how is his new job going. Vibhuti replies it doing really well and he is very happy with it, he then says that he has brought something for her. Anguri asks him what is it and y did he bring it. Vibhuti say sthta it is a shaving laser Anguri laughs at it and say sthta she doesn’t shaves Vibhuti laughs too and replies it’s not for her but for tiwari and he then gives her a shaving laser and asks her to shave Tiwaris hair with this as it is the best he also murmurs if possible slit his throats too. Anguri asks what did he said and he says. Nothing it would be nice if she comes to drop him at the door.

Happu Singh is siting at the tea stall angry and scolding someone on phone. Tiwari comes sits beside him, Happu Singh asks wats going on and Tiwari says that he is busy with some good work Happu Singh insists to tell him and Tiwari lies that he is busy with a work with a lady in London and then say sthta he has some work for him. Happu Singh ask swat is it ant Tiwari tells that he wants him to stop this vibhutis circus at any cost and is ready to bribe him for 500 they negotiate for 2000 tiwrai pays him 500 and says that he will pay the balance later when he successfully shuts their circus and leaves.

Tilu Tika malkhan and Vibhuti are playing stunts in their circus on road and collecting money from public. Happu Singh comes in and asks them to shut down their circus. Vibhuti asks y he wants them to shut as they are not doing anything wrong no rule book has law for not performing circus on roads. Happu Singh then asks them to shut down its his order and Vibhuti Denies and starts playing the damru in his hands. Hearing to the damru sounds Happu Singh starts dancing and then asks Vibhuti not to play it but seeing this Vibhuti gets mischievous and starts playing the damru and Happu sing starts dancing to out Tilu Tika and malkhan start cheering and calling the public to see this monkey dance. Happu Singh is dancing and also slapping Tilu and malkhan . Tiwari was seeing all this and gets upset as Happu Singh could not shut down their business.

Amaji mixes sleeping tablets in glass of milk and asks Anguri to give it to Tiwari once he drinks this he will go to sleep Tiwari is listening all this from upstairs. Anguri then asks Amaji this won’t be harmful for Tiwari? Amaji tells her that no it won’t be harmful as she gives it to Pandit ramphal sometimes and giggles. Amaji asks Anguri if she is ready with the shaving laser. Anguri shows the laser to her and goes upstairs. Tiwari is siting in room and thinking that he won’t drink the milk at any cost as Amaji and Anguri has this plan to shave is head off once he sleeps. Anguri is being very romantic with tiwrai he then asks her y is she being so romantic today? Anguri replies that she is same everyday and asks him to drink milk Tiwari denies and tries to sleep but then angur strats dancing and convincing him to drink milk Tiwari smartly them spills the milk on floor and Amaji sees this. Amaji comes in and hits him hard in his next and Tiwari faints. Anguri then takes the shaving laser inher hand. Anita is sleeping and dreaming that someone is shaving Tiwaris hairs, she wakes up in fear and says that she does not want Tiwari to shave his head and looks for Vibhuti around, she then realised that she has kicked Vibhuti out of house and just prays that Tiwari does not shaves his head.

Precap: Anguri and Amaji are in full planing to shave Tiwaris head.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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