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Bigg Boss 10 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 87
Inmates wake up to the song ‘Jhumka Gira Re’. Inmates dance. Lopa says i like this song.

Niti says to Lopa that i stayed in Paris, their metro service is complicated, my uncle made me learn it. Lopa says paris is over-rated. Manveer says to Manu that she is moving between paris and London, i have never been indian places too, their hobbies are shopping from London and you roam around thieves market.

Bigg Boss introduces the next leg of the ticket to finale week task and Bani, Manu and Manveer step on the last most difficult orbit with water bowls in their hand, they can take place on orbit and move at speed as they want but have to protect their bowls.

Manu, Manveer and Bani starts revolving around orbit after

buzzer plays, Bani says everything is same. Rohan says you people can move in direction you want. Bani says we can move back too to keep feet moving, Manu says lets talk out what we should do, Bani says he has started strategizing now, Manveer says you both get down, Manu says one of you should get down, Bani is going down from task, Bani says i want to do this task for myself because i lost captaincy because of Swami Om so i want this at any cost, one of us have to get down from task, Bani stopd and says i will move backwards now, Manveer says i will move forward only, Manu is between Bani and Manveer, Manu pushes her bowl from her hands, Bani’s water falls from bowl. Rohan says Bani is out of task, Bani says why did you push me Manu? Rohan says Manu and Manveer are remaining, Bani says we promised to not touch each other, she throws her empty bowl in anger, Manveer says we were moving forward, why you wanted backwards? Bani says it was allowed, Manveer says Bani you were pushing people since yesterday, Bani says did i say you pushed me Manveer? congrats both of you going to finale, manu says its done now, Bani leaves.
Bani comes in restroom, Lopa is there. Bani says they are jacass, they cant play like men, they are ********.
Mona and Niti congrats Manveer and Manu. Bani comes there and says i talked to you people that we will talk it out, i am frustrated, you think i couldnt push your bowl? but we promised to not touch each others bowls, Manu says we didnt know what you were about to do, Bani says thats why i always ask to take fair players in game, i am not saying you people didnt play well but it was not fair, she leaves. Manu says we decided with her to not push anyone but we didnt know, she can change her mind anytime.
Bani comes in lounge and weeps.
Manu says to Mona that she stopped walking and turned towards me and said we will move backwards and Manveer said we will move forward only, i was stuck in middle and she could have thrown my bowl and i couldnt throw Manveer’s bowl so i threw her bowl away.
Bani says to Niti that we cant play game well if we dont trust each other but i was stupid, i promised them that we will play fairly, i could have pushed him too, i could have done anything but i dint because i wanted to play it nicely.
Manu says to Mona that we will not know each other after 15days, i always do task till end but i always sacrifice for others but not now, i always keep reasons that Manveer is my brother so let him win but i dont want to Rahul to keep make my brother winning, i want victory now.

Bigg boss announces final task for finale week ticket, there will be task between Manu and Manveer to win ticket to finale week. They will go to shopping mall and have to convince people to vote for them to make them win ticket to finale week. Manu and Manveer are happy listening about task and hugs each other, Lopa and Rohan wishes them luck. Manu and Manveer dances in happiness, Niti says they will be locked in cage in mall and have to convince audience to vote for them, audience will vote in ballet boxes placed in mall, the one who will have more votes, will be winner. Manu hugs Niti being happy. Bani has her face blank. Mona ask them if they will do shopping? Manu says no we are commoners.

Manveer and Manu rejoice the moment and get dressed up for the competition. Leaving the house in Maruti Suzuki Swift, they put blindfolds on their eyes, car starts moving.
Manu and Manveer arrive at a mall in suburban Mumbai. To their amazement, they find a huge crowd roaring and chanting their names as they make a grand entry inside the mall, people are chanting for Manveer. Manu and Manveer dances seeing energetic crowd. Manveer adores one kid.

In house, there is buzzer playing. Rohan was lying on bed, Niti says this buzzer was about someone sleeping? Rohan says i was just laying down.

In mall, Manu and Manveer are locked inside two life-size cages from where they have to interact with their fans and appeal for votes. Manver chants for Bigg boss. Manu appeals for votes. Manveer is shaking hands with people, he is dancing in cage, and giving autographs.

In house, inmates are lying on beds, buzzer plays again.

In mall, Manveer takes selfies with audience. Manu chants to vote for him, he is taking selfies too. On girl comes to Manveer’s cage to take selfie, guard asks her to move away but Manveer requests thats she is a kid, let her take one, he takes selfie with her, girl gets happy.

In house, Niti reads instruction that audience are not watching show to see them sleeping, Bigg boss is sending mixed rice and pulse, they have to separate rice and pulse as a weird punishment so atleast they will be seen doing something in house, start doing this punishment. Inmates take their rice+pulse bowls and start separating them.

In mall, the fans have to drop their votes in the ballot boxes kept in front of the cages. To make the task more energetic and entertaining, Manu and Manveer do everything possible to make their fans happy. Manveer female fans go berserk, one girl says to Manveer that we love, we will vote for you. Security have issue protecting their cages. Mob start going towards cage so Manu and Manveer are asked to run from center stage, they move away from there.

In house, Lopa says we are feeling like ladies working in village, gossiping and working on rices. Bani says only Rohan is guy here. Rohan says hope Bani do this task, Lopa says she might quit, she laughs.

In mall, after mob is settled. Manu and Manveer comes in cages again, they appeal for votes. People are dancing their signature step and voting for them. One kid comes to Manveer’s cage, Manveer kisses her cheek. Manveer gets energetic and takes off his shirt, audience hoot for him,

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