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Happy Birthday Gullu Bhai

In the era of Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali and Nadeem, a young man named Ghulam Mohiuddin made his place in films by just being different. Tall, dark and handsome, that lad of the 70s carried the weight of ‘hero’ in the 80s even after cinema industry went into a decline. Ghulam Mohiuddin is celebrating his 64th Birthday today and we will celebrate the Big Day by listening to Ten of his Golden hits songs:

Yeh Duniya Rahay Na Rahay – Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat

Singers: Mehdi Hassan and Naheed Akhtar

Not many are blessed with a brilliant soundtrack in their first film as Ghulam Mohiuddin was; M. Ashraf composed some of the best songs of his career in this Shabab Kiranvi flick that was inspired from Love Story. Both Babra Sharif and Ghulam Mohiuddin appeared as a lead for the first time and the rest as they say is history.

Tujhe Pyar Karte Karte – Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat

Singer: Mehdi Hassan

G mohi1

This number elevated Ghulam Mohiuddin’s status from being a newbie to a new sensation in the film industry; his mannerisms in the song were the need of the hour as most of the heroes of the day were in their 30s and the youth needed something different. There was another version of the song as well but this one is more popular even after 4 decades.

Chalo Yunhi Rothe Raho – Shararat

Singer: Mehdi Hassan

And then came this super hit song by Nisar Bazmi in which Ghulam Mohiuddin danced his heart out to impress the leading lady. This comedy caper by S Suleman is regarded as one of the best films of the era and was one of those rare gems where leading comedians of the day led by Lehri and Munawwar Zarif were given a free hand.

Har Ladka Hota Hai – Shararat

Singers: Ahmed Rushdi & Mehnaz

This song is easily one of the best romantic numbers filmed on Ghulam Mohiuddin and Mumtaz; Nisar Bazmi’s composition was well sung by the great Ahmed Rushdi and Gullu Bhai’s actions were as impressive as the vocals.

Tum Meri Zindagi Ho – Mom Ki Gurya

Singers: Alamgir & Mehnaz

This is one of the few songs that the great Robin Ghosh’s composed for someone other than Nazrul Islam in the 70s and it still stands as one of the best. This song is one of the few handful numbers pop star Alamgir sang in films and his voice did suit the leading man who did justice by filming it well.

Bheegi Bheegi Raton Mein – Nazrana

Singer: Mehdi Hassan

G mohi2


This was a rare romantic songs in which Ghulam Mohiuddin doesn’t look at ease but that’s because he wasn’t told by director Nazar Shabab that he will be playing the villain. M. Ashraf composes this faster number and it would have come out much better had it been sung by Ahmed Rushdi.

Yaad Rakhne Ko Kuch Na Raha – Baraat

Singer: A. Nayyar

  1. Ashraf gave A. Nayyar a chance to sing on Ghulam Mohiuddin in this film directed by Haafiz and both young men began a fruitful association that lasted for 2 decades. This song might remind you of Amitabh Bachchan’s sharabi songs but remember, this film came way before that!

Kitne Din Kay Baad Milay Ho – Apne Huay Paraye

Singer: Ghulam Abbas

During the 70s, many young voices were tried in films and all of them got a chance to sing for Ghulam Mohiuddin; here Ghulam Abbas sings the M. Ashraf composition for director Iqbal Akhtar and the leading man ensures that his only number in the Waheed Murad dominated flick becomes as famous as the rest.

Intikhab – Pyar Ke Sawaal Ka

Singer: Asad Amanat Ali Khan

Director Pervez Malik chose Ghulam Mohiuddin as Shabnam’s love interest in his version of Sound of Music and along with music director Nisar Bazmi, they chose Asad Amanat Ali Khan as his voice. This number is easily one of the best choreographed songs on Ghulam Mohiuddin and you can catch the glimpse of Daman-e-Koh in the background.

Beena Tera Naam – Naqsh e Qadam

Singer: A. Nayyar

This Amjad Bobby number is probably the best song sung by A. Nayyar on Ghulam Mohiuddin. There was a female version as well but A Nayyar’s rendition takes you back in time and the romantic setting by director Iqbal Akhtar makes it eternal.

Tanhaiyon Main Dhal Jayenge – Bandhan

Singer: A. Nayyar

The Golden Age of Pakistani cinema ended with the death of Waheed Murad but Ghulam Mohiuddin held his forte in his handful of films with the legendary actor. Here, A. Nayyar sings the M. Ashraf composition for the lanky hero who manages to make an impression even in the presence of the master!

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Story first published: 27th October 2016

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